Eagan Manufacturing Co., Inc.
602 Eagan Road
P.O. Box 620
Black Rock, AR 72415


Eagan Manufacturing was started in 1985 by Jackie Eagan along with his wife Sallye and his brother Buford as the first full-time employees. It originated as a portable building manufacturing business selling to both local retail customers and wholesale dealers with locations in Arkansas, Missouri, and Mississippi. 

In 1989, a new opportunity in a different line of products presented itself. After being dissatisfied for some time with both products and service from the door supplier that was being used at the time, Jackie made a decision that the company would start building its own doors. Once competing portable building manufacturers started seeing these doors in the buildings, they liked them, began inquiring and started purchasing them for their buildings. Windows used primarily for portable building manufacturing customers were also added to enable the customer to have one supplier for their door and window needs. Many of the original customers are still purchasing today because of the quality products, service, and fair pricing that has grown to be associated with the Eagan Manufacturing name.

One market for the doors which is becoming more and more of a focus of Eagan Manufacturing is the poultry industry. Much of the same reputation that developed in the portable building industry has extended into that market. There are numerous applications for poultry doors in poultry houses including basic entry as well as more innovative applications like tunnel ventilation. New products for these applications are under development today, with a variety of poultry house doors available at any time from Eagan. 

Over the years, Eagan Manufacturing has grown to the point of being one of the leading suppliers of doors and windows serving primarily the southeastern United States. The needs of customers outside of these areas can also be met by shipping through a network of common carrier freight lines as well as through several distributors who purchase directly from the company. 

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Richard Eagan - General Manager
Ashley Eagan - Office Manager
Carol Kinder - Accountant
Kelly Whitlow - Inside Sales Manager
Jason Gipson - Sales
Magan Eagan - Inside Sales/Purchasing
Cliff Hufstedler - Engineer
Ted Vowell - Technical Support
Dena Snow - Administrative Assistant