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E200 Entry Door


Our E200 doors are a very sturdy yet economical entry door solution for Poultry Houses and other agricultural solutions. 

Door Core Specs

  • 1-5/8” capped edge polyurethane insulated door pane--R-11 insulation value

  • Pre-hung

  • Top and bottom vinyl v and bulb seal

  • Door skins are pre-painted white and availablein different steel and aluminum options 

Door Skins

  • .010 steel and .019 aluminum are available for 36" doors

  • .014 steel and .019 aluminum are available for 48" doors

  • .019 aluminum is available for 60" doors

Door Jamb

  • 2” aluminum jamb

  • Jamb is available in mill or pre-painted white finish

  • Stainless steel lubricated hinges

  • 1/2" v seal

  • Adjustable strike plate

Standard Door Sizes

The E200 series doors are available in the same call sizes as the E1HDL single doors

Click here to download the E200 door brochure (PDF)