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Wall Vents

Wall Vents

• Significant energy cost savings
• Excellent sealing capability
• Skin on the inside of the door can be black to aid in room darkening
• Promotes excellent air flow
• Very easy to operate 


• 2.5 lb. density polyurethane foam-filled 1" thick insulated panel--R-7 insulation value
• .019 smooth aluminum or .045 fiberglass door skins available in black or white
• .090 extruded aluminum frame
• 2” x 3/4” EPDM rubber cove seal
• (3) Aluminum extruded 1/8” wall hinges with a stainless 1/4” pin
• PVC extruded thrower
• 14 gauge galvanized side deflectors

It is necessary to routinely lubricate the hinges on all wall vents. We recommend using ZEP Z-Works High Pressure Lubricant, and we sell it by the bottle or the case. Failure to lubricate the hinges could void the warranty.

Installation and maintenance instructions for Wall Vents (PDF)

Click here to download the Wall Vent brochure (PDF)