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Attic Inlets

Attic Inlets

Our line of Sturdy Seal® Attic Inlets gives growers the ease and flexibility needed to control temperature and humidity within their houses.

  • Revolutionary 360º air dispersion

  • Can be configured to operate on either an actuator or static pressure

  • Increases:

  • Fuel savings

  • Air movement

  • Air quality   

  • Leak resistant design

  • Non-rusting components

Infared Picture Information

With its low profile design and insulated door, the Sturdy Seal® Attic Inlet reduces heat loss and air leakage.  When fully open (right image), warm air enters the house a full 360º and the low profile of the inlet allows it to attach to the ceiling faster.  This allows for better air mixing and helps heat the house and keep the floor drier.

Click here to download Attic Inlet installation instructions (PDF)

Click here to download the Attic Inlet Brochure (PDF)