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E300 Egg Cooler Door



Our Egg Cooler Door is engineered to cope with the harsh temperatures and physical demands of today’s egg cooler room environment.


Door Size

Rough Opening

48 x 84

50" x 85 1/2"


Door Core Specs

·   Pre-hung 1-5/8” capped edge polyurethane insulated door pane—R11 insulation value

·   Heavy-duty .075 fiberglass reinforced impact resistant skins on both sides

·   Integrated vinyl v and bulb seal

Door Jamb Specs

·   3-1/2” mill finish aluminum jamb

·   Stainless steel lubricated hinges

·   Integrated vinyl v and bulb seal

Click Here to View Installation Instructions for the E300 Egg Cooler Door (English) (PDF)

Click here to download the E300 Egg Cooler Door brochure (PDF)